Here, you can find what I will, am, and was working on.

Next Generation of Wearables

I am aiming to use biocompatible and low-cost materials for epidermal electronics, a new class of electronics mimicking the mechanical properties of human tissue.

Bioresorbable Implants

I am using biocompatible polymers to manufacture nano-fibers via electrospinning and melt spraying. These fibers will be later used as 1) a scaffold to culture cells, such as neurons, and 2) a substrate for mounting flexible electronics.

Hydrogel Machines

Hydrogel machines are biocompatible, bioresorbable, and able to grow cells of interest. Here, I am using hydrogel fibers as an unthetered robot to carry the drugs and deliver them.

Biomedical Sensors

I am using various printing techniques to produce sensors (<$1), capable of measuring/capturing a wide range of hydration levels, gas concentrations, and live organisms, among others.

Stability of Nanoparticles

I have studied the stability of nanoparticles in both polar and non-polar environments. We are aiming to apply metal-based nanoparticles to polymeric membranes, in order to increase their conductivity and lower the foulings for water purification processes.

Droplet Dynamics

I have worked on controlling complex fluids using active external forces such as electric field. Electro coalescence, water jet manipulation, nozzleless emulsification, and EHD conduction pumping are of few controlling systems I have developed throughout this project.